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About Us

Eventlore is a group of ten high school students that arrange events with intriguing prizes and entertaining activities.

Eventlore will organize a variety of events in order to appeal to a wide range of people. All proceeds from these events benefit Bangalore-based charities and non-profits.

The major objective of Eventlore is for our participants to have fun while also understanding that they are helping to solve problems in Bangalore.

Eventlore's future plans include expanding our events with greater prizes and seminars, as well as reaching out to a larger audience to support Bangalore charities.

Our Impact


All of our events are hosted in the spirit of charity. In our very first event, a chess tournament, we raised over ₹16,000 for Goonj charity. In each of our events, we hope to raise awareness about important issues in Bangalore.


We make it a priority for our participants to have a good time at our events, so we provide workshops, mini tournaments, and other activities. Our objective is for individuals to participate in events and explore their passions while also supporting a worthy cause.


Eventlore gives amazing rewards to every event winners, as well as free gifts to everyone who participates. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is motivated to participate in the exciting activities we have planned for the event, and prizes help to motivate our participants to pursue their chosen activity.


Tropical Leaves

Avaneesh Karthik

You guys organized it so professionally, it was difficult to imagine that you are just 14 years olds. Wonderful team spirit and by thinking of all kids participating you made it inclusive without anyone getting discouraged. Appreciate it. Best wishes for your great work to continue!

Square Stage


For 14 yr olds to organize an event at this scale and pull it off so successfully without any issues, its great. Keep it up !

Sea Turtle

Vivin Anand

The event was extremely well organised, and the organisers were very helpful. Additionally, it went to a great cause, so thank you guys for this event!

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