Chess Tournament

A chess competition was our very first event. This event was a blast, and the participants had a fantastic time. It drew over 40 people and raised over ₹15,000 for charity.

To kick off the company, Eventlore organised its inaugural event on July 31st. The event was held in the spirit of charity, with all revenues going to the GoonJ Charity. We had 40 individuals of all ages participate in a fun-filled 7-hour competition, which included a tactics tournament at the start. We divided the participants into three age groups: under 9, under 13, and open. There was also a raffle reward for participants who gave an additional ₹100 to Goonj. Our kind sponsors donated awards for the top three in each age category at the competition. According to the comprehensive comments we received, our attendees loved this event very much, and Eventlore wants to improve our events even more following this inaugural one.

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